How reliable is Patentability Search study?


During the Patentability Search we are checking worldwide patent databases and looking for the patent applications and patents in different languages. The translation tools help us to understand the content of the application. We provide you with the Report on Novelty or Patentability of your invention, where all the previous patent documents are indicated. You will also have our opinion if you should proceed with patenting or not and if your invention is new.

We cannot guarantee that the Patentability Search shows all the prior art documents related to your invention. The Patentability Search cannot be considered comprehensive by any means. Some prior art documents can still not be found due to unusual wording, wrong classification, lack of translations into English or because these prior art documents are not in the patent database.

The Patentability Search does not eliminate the risks of possible patent application rejection, however, it minimizes the risk significantly.

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