Why should I do Patentability Search before submitting a patent application?


The Patentability Search is very important before you decide to follow the patenting route. The search shows earlier patents or patent applications that disclose similar or identical inventions (prior art documents). The report on patentability gives information about the novelty of an invention. It also helps to reach a decision if to patent an invention or not.

Patentability search answers the following questions:

  • is the invention new?
  • has the invention an inventive step?
  • has the invention of industrial applicability?


Additionally, it can help in:

  • knowing your competitors in the field;
  • finding already existing patented solutions;
  • can work also as a Freedom to operate analysis (shows active patents).


The patent will not be granted if the same invention has been disclosed prior of submitting patent application. The information given in the Patentability search report can prevent from patent drafting and filing expenses, as well as high filing fees.


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