Inventors and entrepreneurs who are looking to file a patent application need to be sure that their invention is patentable. Due to this, they need to do a novelty search. A novelty search, also known as a patentability search, is used to figure out if an invention is new and original before inventor files a patent application.

What are the benefits
doing a patentability
(novelty) search?

Gain confidence in the patentability (novelty) of your invention

Work around existing inventions to improve your chances of success

Use our search results to strengthen your application

Patentability search is executed by professional patent attorneys

Knowledge of existing patented inventions

Patentability search process :

First, you must complete our online form – it will help us to understand your business and your invention.


After that qualified specialists in the field (patent attorneys) will perform a prior art search – do not worry, will be in touch with you all the time and you will know exactly what is going on!


We will provide a report with the found prior art. 10-15 prior art documents, that are most related with your invention, are presented. The report includes title, owner, submission date, number, country, abstract and drawing of the prior art document. Depending on your request, a short comment or an in depth analysis is also provided on the novelty and patentability of your invention.

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Patentability Search FAQ

Why should I do Patentability Search before submitting a patent application?

The Patentability Search shows earlier patents or patent applications where similar or identical inventions are disclosed (prior art documents). Therefore, you receive an information about the novelty of your invention and can better decide if to patent your invention or not. Be aware, that no patent will be issued if the same invention has already been described in the previous application. This information can prevent you from patent drafting and filing expenses as well as high filing fees and allows you to coordinate your time and effort more efficiently. The Patentability Search is very important before you decide to follow the patent route.

How reliable is Patentability Search study?

During the Patentability Search we are checking worldwide patent databases and looking for the patent applications and patents in different languages. The translation tools help us to understand the content of the application. We provide you with the Report on Novelty or Patentability of your invention, where all the previous patent documents are indicated. You will also have our opinion if you should proceed with patenting or not and if your invention is new.

We cannot guarantee that the Patentability Search shows all the prior art documents related to your invention. The Patentability Search cannot be considered comprehensive by any means. Some prior art documents can still not be found due to unusual wording, wrong classification, lack of translations into English or because these prior art documents are not in the patent database. The Patentability Search does not eliminate the risks of possible patent application rejection, however, it minimizes the risk significantly.

What are the other benefits of Patentability Search?

Patentability Search also discloses what companies are inventing in the specific market. You can see which companies are filing the patent applications for similar inventions like yours. It also gives the information about what has been already patented and where you can still apply for a patent protection. The prior art documents stated in the Patentability Search can also be included later in your patent application as the already known technical field.

What information I should present for Patentability Search?

The Patentability Search is more accurate if you give very clear and unambiguous information about your invention. To perform a good Patentability Search we need a description about your invention: how it works, how it is used, what is the main purpose of the invention, where it is used (eg. kitchen gadget, office device, machinery, etc.). Additionally, you can add a drawing or a short video about how your invention functions. The more exact details you disclose about the invention, the better our search results will be.

Please be informed, that if you submit just a general or very basic information about the invention (for eg. “a tool to cut vegetables”), we will find numerous previous patents and the Patentability Search report might be way too much broad and not useful for you.

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